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and the united states of america and that will start this year. [applause] we are inspired by stories like yours. [applause] starting this year, all new insurance plans will be required to offer free preventive care and starting this year, this may interest some of you, if you are a young person who does not have insurance or does not have a job that offers insurance, you are going to be able to stay on your parents' insurance policy until you are 26 years old. [applause] starting this year. [applause] >> thank you. >> you are welcome. [applause] >> this year, seniors will fall -- seniors who fall into the donut hole will receive $250 to help pay for prescriptions and that is just the first that because we will be closing that gap completely. [applause] >> i want seniors to know that despite some of the stuff that has been set out there, these reforms to not cut into your guaranteed benefits. they eliminate deductibles and co-payments for preventive care like checkups and mammograms. you will be getting those for free now. [applause] aarp supported this bill because it is good for seniors. it is
. more on how the ash cloud is actually headed to north america in a minute. first some flights could actually be taking off in europe airspace. most of northern europe remains closed. some airlines plan to fly between 8,000 and 9,000 of the 2,000 scheduled flights today. restrictions over scottish airspace will be lifted tuesday and germany's aviation authority has given lufthansa the okay to fly 50 planes back to germany with about 15,000 passengers on board. meanwhile britain sent in the royal navy to bring stranded people back home. 150,000 brits stranded worldwide. that ash cloud continues to move its way westward, as i mentioned. will it be reaching the shores of north america any time soon? joining us from d.c., geologists with the u.s. geological survey. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> a lot of people woke up and saw headlines that this ash cloud would be headed toward north america. explain what's happening here. >> well, there is a high pressure system north of greenland sending a small ton of ash over towards the area between greenland and north america. the mode
or the other. it is safer for the planet if we do it under our strict controls and technology in america as opposed to nigeria. the niger delta is polluted, the amazon basin off the coast of the equatorial guinea. every consideration, we ought to be drilling here. why do you restricted and shut down the entire pacific ocean and alaska? >> what about the north atlantic? >> because this is a political and sensible statement. you start, and if it is successful and does not cause horrible environmental damage and studies show it is feasie, and you move on. if it does not, you stop. >> al gore says that fossil fuels are destroying our environment. >> well, he says that, yes. it is not destroying our environment. these things can be controlled. but president obama has proposed -- this is a prototype. if it works, they can expand it. the pacific is not off limits for ever. it is just at the moment. >> what are we testing? we have a ton of drilling happening every day in the gulf of mexico, in a hurricane area, anit is successful. >> it is whether we can neutralize this as a political issue and
, with not much more than a dream. and today, we know it's small businesses that can create the jobs america needs. that's why at&t is investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. making them faster, smarter, and more secure. connecting small businesses to markets across the country, and around the world. we invest now, because we know it will pay off... with new jobs, new growth, from a new generation, putting their belief in the future on the line. now is the time for investment and innovation. the future is waiting. and the future has always the future is waiting. and the future has always been our business. at&t. >> parts of downtown are under lock down tonight as the leaders descend on washington, d.c. >> road closures are causing headaches for commuters. jennifer donelan is live with how president are coping. >> this is what they warned us about four days. i am just south of howard university. d.c. is now on a lockdown. all day long, we have been watching security around the city. when they go by, traffic must stop. there are massive security checkpoints. resi
. why you may be surprised about what this somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >>> you're watching abc 7 news at 11m with leon harris, caroline lyders, doug hill, and tim brant sports. >>> three people were inside as rescuers approached. she disappeared under the water. the rescue teams found her later downstream unconscious. >>> deadly mining accident in west virginia has virginia governor bob mcdonnell taking action. he wants to amend the budget to increase funding for mining safety. >>> the senate held a moment of silence to honor the memories of the 29 miners killed in the west virginia explosion, and in west virginia, the governor led a ceremony to commemorate the minors. the cause of the expl
america. a group is here, walking and cleaning up from maryland all the way to san francisco, california. keeping our waterways and highways clean. that's good stuff because we need clean waterways. >> can you do the back of my car? >> so, they have a lot of good information to tell us. we also have a great segment, girls getaways. i was looking at some of these. they are talking about the eastern shore and hyatt. i'm thinking about a girls getaway for myself. >> weekend getaway? >> yes. >> good deal. megan is away. she's getting weighed in now. at brick dies. she'll have the results tomorrow morning. >>> today's hot topic. do you spank your child? a new study says parents who do spank their children may be doing more harm than good. a leading doctors' group says what -- whacking kids on the backside can backfire. >> reporter: there's a time-honored phrase that says spare the rod spoil the child but a new study from the american academy of pediatrics suggests that corporal punishment may actually increase aggressive behavior. a survey of 2,500 mothers in the may issue of the journal ped
. it is the kickoff of the jobs across america tour. it prepares students for careers in the life sciences industry. >> what the young people here are learning are skills that can help them find those jobs that are in such demand for skilled workers. it also gives the most important of all law materials which is a highly skilled work force. >> the governor also wants to create jobs run the state. >> we would like to get very personal with you. manar talk with you about your grilled cheese sandwiches? they are recession-proof and all you need is bread, cheese and a little butter. last year, some 2.3 billion grilled cheese sandwiches were cut. how they are counted, we are not sure about that. april has been named national grilled cheese sandwich month. we have more details. >> if your into grilled cheese sandwiches, if you really like a grilled cheese, then you need to come here. it was an idea that came to one of the owners in a dream. >> i had a dream that i was selling world cheese off the back of a truck one night. -- selling grilled cheese off the back of a truck one night telli. the rest is his
in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >>> rappelling and her husband will be in a tennessee court room testifying in a trial of a former college student who was accused of hacking into sarah palin's e-mail account during the 2008 presidential campaign. he arrived in court today for the start of the trial. there is no word when she will testify. >>> the supreme court striking down a federal law in the name of sri -- of free speech. a federal law ba the lawnb -- bans the sale of video showing cruelty to animals. the command society -- > >>> schools used to serve it to gain interest whether or not to start a new women's sport. joe biden announced that service alone will not be proof enough that schools are offer
in the drive in theater. you have the biggest screen in north america? >>> well, i say usa, but technically, north america. it's 52 x 120. >> how many drive ins are left in maryland and in the country. >> well, in maryland, there's one. >> that's the country, that's the benjies and in the country, it seems for the last five or six years to be around 600 sites. >> and ken adam. how many drive ins are left. >> last count, 381 and 628 screens. >> okay. >> let's talk about you're being on facebook. how do we get the word out. >> we're on facebook/benjies and we're approaching 10,000 fans. that's a big am and we're giving away cool prizes. >> well, very good. we want to talk to shawn. we'll get on the other side. how are you. >> i'm fine. you put our name in lights, thank you. how long did it take you? >> well, getting the letters, about an hour each side of the board. >> well, when you first did this. how long did it take you? >>> well, at least two hours each time, closer to four hours. >> i heard you developed an affinity with it. you carry more letters and getting everything down. well, we t
time. america runs on dunkin'. get swept up with the big chocolate taste of mocha iced coffee from dunkin' donuts. it's just another one of our delicious, refreshing iced coffee flavors -- grab one today! america runs on dunkin'. >>> hundreds of military trucks and relief convoys rolled through the streets in china where survivors are desperate for food and shelter. the president said they will not give up on the rescue efforts. he visited survivors. the quake on wednesday killed more than 1700 people and injured more than 12,000. in the u.s. residents in san francisco came together today to remember the biggest disaster in the city's history. 104 years since the 1906 earth a quake. it hit and killed more than 3000 people and put the city up in flames. one of the last remaining earthquake survivors who was only 3-month-old at the time recalls living through the aftermath. >> it destroyed the whole city. it wiped it out. they had to start all over again. >> chilling thing to be able to put your mind in that moment in time. >> another survivor who just died on thursday at the age of
're here to discuss what i believe is america's single most pressing challenge. putting our fiscal house in order. america's accumulation of debt is a common danger and one that ought to engage the best efforts of liberals and queverts -- conservatives alike. because while all of us here have our own view of the prop proper role of government, facts do not have ideal zpwi. to a government that does nothing that pay for entitlement and interest to our creditors and an end to american leadership in the world. then -- on their book on the american crisis, they tell us that public debt exceeding 90% of g.t.p. is often a tipping point into a wrenching crisis, a point we are on pace to reach too soon. we only have to look at greece to see where the path we're on leads. we're here because we are committed to changing that course. getting america out of debt isn't the work of one president or one kong or one bill, or perhaps in this case, one decade. but i believe our work in kong must be about breaking a long pattern of fiscal irresponsibility and easy decisions. and putting america make on a m
nice looking. we will have it for you coming up. >>> now the latest on the boy scouts of america sex scandal. a oregon jury found the organization kneeingly jept for repeated sexual abuse by a scout master and awaded the plaintiff $1.4 million. they decided could you tell us are liable for punitive damages as well, that will be decided in a separate phase of the trial there is ra happy ending to reports about a girl who had been missing since friday. naudia bloom was rescued from a agator invest -- alligator infested swamp. she has a variation of autism and disappeared on friday afternoon. her parents heard she was inspired to go exploring from a book from the american girls series. crews found nothing until a lone volunteer ventured in to the woods. his wife said he was unable to sleep until naudia was found he said the lord and i will do it just fine. i will keep you informed. the next thing i did was i got a text message after 9:00 that says she is safe in my arms. >> rescue teams helped deliver her to safety. authorities says their investigation isn't over yet. >>> cleaning up th
that any america first. to my independent brother from florida, right on, man. we need to get rid of these two parties. they need to be put out of office. we need to bring into a third party, and not fall for this tea party garbage, either. these two big parties do it every time they are not in office. we tried to be the independent, liberals, conservatives buddies. they're not our friends. they are our enemies that keep oppressing us. host: that will be the last voice this morning. in the stern, who for many years has been the president of the -- he has announced he will leave that position. on a personal side, he is turning 60. the personal aspect is much involved in his decision to leave. that is it for our thursday morning. we go to the house of representatives for today's live coverage. gues. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, reverend clyde miles, lighthouse reform church, howard, pennsylvania. the chaplain: o lord, who call this nation into being, to the lives and sacrifice of those whose hearts are state upon you. they conduct the wo
, people on business, honeymooners can't seem to get out of america. 30 minutes ago word came their flight is a no go. john and his new wife live near london. they have been trying to get back since thursday. >> we have been on our honeymoon. >> they call it good luck. >> reporter: it was her first trip to america. she was supposed to return to the netherlands friday. >> my sister is getting married on thursday and i really want to be there. >> reporter: early monday afternoon it looked like she would. around 7:00 word began to travel to the stranded and weary. >> they told us we had a 50/50 chance. >> reporter: the eruption spewed a new cloud of ash heading toward the united kingdom meaning scenes like this. a french tour group was supposed to leave d.c. over the weekend. british airways have been putting all 49 up at them at an area hotel and feeding them. they are scheduled for the midnight flight. >> if we catch something before, we are here. >> reporter: undoubtedly frustrating for the french travelers but more so for an airline industry losing a whopping $200 million a day while the
rights. >> she was not just for women's rights, but civil rights in america and around the world. >> john lewis was on the stage august 28, 1963 when dr. martin luther king gave his "i have a dream" speech. >> she was part of the big six, five men and dr. height. her presence said we could be wherever we wanted to be. >> dorothy height took the helm of national council of negro women and served as president for more than 40 years. for her distinguished service in advancing civil rights and voting rights, dr. height earned both with the presidential medal of freedom and congressional gold medal. at howard university today, young women remembered dr. height's ideals and her passion, which never waned. >> values and morals never get old. that's not something you can put an age on. i just think that she, even though she was an elderly woman she was young at heart. >> president obama expressed his condolences to dr. height's family. he said, "michelle and i were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of dorothy height, the godmother to the civil rights movement and hero to so many americans
the canadiens. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >>> wizards have two more games to go. they could finish the season theus .500 with these two? things didn't work out tonight, did they? >> wishful thinking. last nba game will be here in madison square garden at thank goodness because the knicks and the wizards have combined for 108 losses, both teams already licking their chops for next season when they will look dramatically different. tonight, like much of the season, it was not all about the wiz. al thornton and the guys like playing up there in the garden. wizards up by four. pulls up from way deep and buries the three to beat the buzzer. wizards up by five and shooting well. third quarter, wizard
in europe and north america. the vitamin b foods include leafy green vegetables and nuts. >>> more pain and limited movement for african-americans and hispanics than whites. they are more likely to have limited physical activity at work because of arthritis. for more living well headlines go to and click on the living well tab on the front page. >>> failing to mail in your census form on time will cost you more money. >>> and president obama unveils a new plan aimed at making sure america remains out front in the space race. it is 4:53. wÑñññ my dentist says brushing alone isn't enough to avoid dental problems. [ male announcer ] act total care mouthwash rebuilds enamel and kills bad breath germs. to help avoid dental problems, act daily. >>> montgomery county police say a woman is wanted in a case of identity theft that goes back to 2009. she is from try angle virginia. police say she obtained the social security number of an oklahoma woman and then went to three car dealerships and purchased luxury vehicles, an audi, mercedes and range rover. police say she opened credi
. go like a pro. somewhere in america... the slightest breeze harbors immense power. the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. >>> maryland, virginia, and pennsylvania recorded sizable gains in employment last month. across the country 33 states posted increase in jobs with maryland leading the country with a gain of 35,000 payroll jobs by contrast, 17 states recorded job losses during the month. michigan continued to have the nation's highest unemployment rate, officially at 14%. if toyota gets credit for being the most fuel efficient car company in america, well, then how do you explain all this? chevy malibu, cobalt, silverado, and the all-new equinox. compare them to anyone. may the best car win. it's really hard to save for the future and they've come to a point where it's o
to meet alex, he is cool. cancer treatment centers of america, they are here talking about natural pathic medicine. we will find out if it's a good option for you. >>> two ladies we invited. in they written the book. it's going to break the myth about our teenagers. we have the book. what to do when you are expecting and all those kinds of books. they have written a teen book. cracks the code on teenagers. i'm excited about that. >>> here is a brand new book, roots of steel. anybody from baltimore has somebody who knows somebody that worked at the point. roots of steel. it's a great book about our dundalk area. jam packed show. >>> talk about a family feud. orioles not exciting on the field, they are off of it. long time orioles beat writer rose enthat is all -- saying cyle want ted back in to the orioles organization. anglo said no. rose enthat'll said that anglos didn't want rip kind to take the credit. angelos told the baltimore sun this is false. ricken never asked to join the front office. rip kind said he had talks with manager. he said i enjoyed the talks very much. yes the subject
is a result of these comments in which she say it's mind boggling to suggest that america is not a christian nation. >> our founding father were believers. >> reporter: the idea it was founded as a christian company is an article of faith in some circles. >> when they looked at the writings and found it was quoted, the most quoted source was the bible. >> reporter: is this correct? mainstream historians say no, if you look at personal letters, it's clear that they did not want to make christianty the primary government. >> reporter: they left out any mention of god or jesus in the constitution except when they noted the date in the year of our lord and in the first amendment, they out lawed any state religion. thomas jefferson, the man who wrote in the declaration of independence, he was not a christian, he believed that god created the universe but no longer intervenes in human affairs. many people leave that but not making christianity the official religion, there's a competitive atmosphere in which faith has thrived. >>> of course we want your two cents on the hot topic, christianity a
a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ >>> in the mail bag tonight, the confrontational and new immigration reform law. acing among other things that allow the police to stop and question anybody that they think mite be in this country illegally. while some worry about profiling, arizona has the area. i think that the larger issue is one of arizona's right to develop their own means to deal with these unique immigration problems. given that the federal laws are not in focus. and probably the federal laws, they were enforced. there would be no need for the arizona legislation. and those who are not in the country legally, always cried discrimination when asked for i.d. and mark from frederick maryland, says bravo, arizona. i applaud arizona for this and hope other states will follow. the only way that it will be an issue for the law enforcement officers that are abusing their authority. if they are found to be doing
recently as chair and president america of the national council of negro women. this morning, dr. height died at howard university hospital. she was 98 years old. lesli foster reports that dr. height lived her life with passion and commitment for a just society, and a vision of a better world [ applause ] >> reporter: wearing her trademark hat and pearls, dr. height was awarded the highest civilian honor, the congressional gold medal in 2004. >> dr. height's long extraordinary career, as a civil rights advocate has covered human rights from women's employment and educational advancement to antilynching. >> reporter: dr. height grew up in bitter and divisive times and yet she dedicated her life to bringing people together. >> america as defaulted on this prom story note. in so far as her citizens of color are concerned. >> reporter: she was a guiding force at the table when the big six planned a hiss tore march on washington in 1963, the lone woman at a table full of men. yet despite all of her efforts, height could not convince them that a woman should be allowed to speak at the podium t
coming up. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >>> winning the best trophy, but they don't tell you that for the regular season. and that trophy will turn into a giant paperweight if they don't back it up. they will meet montreal in the first round. going 2-1-1 against them this weekend. everybody is wondering who they will be. they seem to earn the jobs. but he gave up four games a goal. while giving up less than two. >> the way that i look at it here, in the playoffs, you're in the top 16 teams for them and the national hockey league. your goal tending is good. so whoever is in the net, i believe that they will be very good. >> that is a noncriminal answer for them. here is the schedule for the fi
goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ so the discovery and its seven person crew will have to spend another day in space. nasa waived off two landing attempts today because of weather concerns. >> the pilot needs good visibility to see the runway because they've only got one shot at it. >> the shuttle will try to land again tomorrow. >>> an environmentally conscious couple in taiwan has opened a house with newspapers fed through a homemade blender. john lambry and shelley woo used 20 newspaper and. many were from students who needed extra credit. the school house is 870 feet. lambry is a former building inspector. >>> coming up, caught on tape. one man's tug of war with an octopus. first here's a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >> when you make a photo copy, the image is only on the paper, righting ? maybe not. our cbs news investigation revealed how your private information could become very public. that's
for the planet it is done under our strict control and high-technology in america as opposed to in nigeria. the niger delta is polluted, the amazon basin off the coast of ecuador real new guinea -- a equatorial new guinea. in every argument, we ought to be doing here. what do you restricted and shut down the entire pacific ocean and alaska? >> what about the northeast, north atlantic? >> because this is a political and sensible statement. if it is successful and it does not cause horrible environmental damage, and the studies show that it is feasible, we move on. if it does, you stop. >> al gore said that fossil fuels are destroying our environment. >> well, he says that, yes. >> all the time. >> it is not destroying our environment. these things can be controlled. president obama has proposed -- nina is right. this is a prototype effort. it works, we will expanded. the pacific is not off limits for ever and ever, amen. >> what are we testing? we have a ton of dueling happening every day in the gulf of mexico, in a hurricane area, and it is successful. >> it is whether we can neutralize th
bless america >> the tea party expression chose today, tax day, to rally on the national mall. people came from all over the country for the event. most say they're politically conservative and don't like big government, higher taxes or government takeover of the economy. >> i never thought that i would live to see something like this happen to the united states of america. socialism for us as imports, been there, done that, migrated and now it's happening here. >> i would like for g. to go back to what they are supposed to do. protect our country and secure our borders. >> there were similar tea party rallies in several cities. today's protest -- [ inaudible ] >>> president obama is unveiling a brand new plan to overhaul nasa. he's canceling current programs and laying out new goals. today at the kennedy space center he predicted the nation would have new spacecraft designed for long space journeys by 2025. he also believes nasa can send humans to orbit mars by the 2030s but some former astronauts are criticizing the president's move. >> reporter: standing near the launch pads of the
. a special van was parked on the national mall today to showcase the census as a portrait of america. the exhibit was designed to encourage people to mail in a n-their forms before the deadline. house holds that don't return their forms by then may get a visit from a census worker starting in late may. >>> the masters golf tournament on cbs and xhanl 9 this weekend is -- channel 9 is expected to draw record vurgs because of tiger woods returning to play. what do lady golfers think of tiger's return to play? >> reporter: he was the golfer to admire. >> had he a great record and a fabulous game. >> reporter: the man who changed the game. >> he's the no. 1 player in the world. >> reporter: a revelationary that introduced golf to the masses. >> it opened not only for everybody but women like me. >> reporter: expecttations were high but after news of his affairs broke, females saw tyingner a different light. >> initially i was sd sds pointed. >> reporter: gals say the scandal surprised everyone and these golfers cared. >> initially i felt very sorry for tiger because he was always the ult
for equality in america. >> dorothy height was the only woman to stand on the platform during dr. martin luther king's historic i have a dream speech. she was the president of the national council of negro women for three decades. >> she was a phenomenal woman and she led the way on so many important issues, not only in this century but the last one, as well. >> she was also a trend social worker and a long time washingtonian. the resolution was sponsored tonight to honor her. >>> coming up, a hidden weapon against the swine flu. we are on your side of the key decisions credited with saving many lives. >> why this iphone may hold the secret that millions want to know about. >> kal penn's >>> a house fire led police to more than 100 marijuana plants with an estimated street value of $200,000. the fire broke out in inbowie. nobody was injured. the police and now investigating the drugs that were found while the fire department investigate the cause of the blaze. >>> the former illinois governor is going down the gauntlet. >> if i am wrong, i challenge mr. fitzgerald to show up in court tomorrow a
is required now of all americans to keep america safe. listen. >> in big ways and small, resilience is a pillar of our security and there has never been a better example of that than right here in oklahoma city. >> reporter: a lot of folks are trying to still come to grips with why all of this happened. there have been a lot of discussions over the past week or so prompted by former president bill clinton's feeling about the political mood in this country, a similar mood that he says preceded this particular bombing. of course, timothy mcveigh said that the catalyst for his thinking that led to this tragedy was the april 19th, 1993 siege on the branch davidian compound in waco, texas. but however this ended, a lot of folks here want to remember the folks who gave their lives really in service to their country, tamron. >> thank you, ron mott. on this anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing we turn to the rising tide of antigovernment extremism. the southern poverty law center, which tracks antigovernment groups, say the number of so-called patriot groups across the country mushroome
. multitasking runs on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. with our new freshly baked bagel twists, available in cinnamon raisin and cheddar cheese. pair it with america's favorite coffee today. america runs on dunkin'. hurry in today and try our new cheddar cheese and cinnamon raisin bagel twists. >>> it is 56 degrees and clear in central maryland this evening. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. we have a quick correction on that oil rig explosion. the coast guard is now retracting a statement made earlier. that two explosions happened on the rig. they say a computer problem dave the impression there were two -- gave the impression there were two explosions. but we are now just learning there was actually one explosion. >>> bryan betts was found shot to death in his silver springs home last thursday. police are looking more information about a vehicle being seen leaving the alley. betts suv was stolen that night and later recovered in southeast washington. >>> a mother in charles county is outraged after her autistic son was left on a school bus for two hours. delonte likely f
off about the worst companies in america. >>> ehrlich versus o'malley. we understand. but did you expect a conflict between l.l. cool j. and sarah palin? >>> i know you've been frustrated with customer service, but there's a complaint that just won't get resolved. they have a website now you can really sound off on. >> wants you to choose the worst company in america. banks, retailers, cable companies, the more you name it the bracket style competition is 32 companies including comcast, bank of america, toyota, verizon and wal-mart. but there can only be one winner. >> all the companies in our bracket were submitted and voted on by consumerist readers. people are going off about their dealings with them. >> they'll crown a winner april 26th. go to >>> let's fill out our own bracket with this weather. beautiful weather coming up. good morning, justin. >> this is exactly what we need. check out these temperatures. massive flooding continuing across the northeast. this one from connecticut. that pizza may be soggy. flooding waters gushing everywhere. so
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and personal topics. >>> kevin uebanks is leaving jay leno, after 18 years of leading america into commercial breaks he says he wants to finish a song. he says it's time for a career change but didn't say what the change would be. he said "the tonight show" was a wonderful experience. he became musical director after bradford marsalis left in 1995. >>> a plan to save the city money saves jobs. >> but costs you. new proposed fees. >> new taxes and new fees to balance the baltimore city budget. i'm sherrie johnson. coming up, i'll tell but some parking fees you need to know about. >> plus, a shocking statement from the vatican number two man about priests abusing young boys. >> and a rough day at the ballpark. not just on the field. michael phelps may have been there but it was not pretty. >> officers say one thing but it's hard to argue with what you see in front of you. just what happened at the university of maryland. Ñ >>> april 13, 15 minutes away from "good morning america" at 7:00. >> justin berk is here. >> beautiful day yesterday, 71 degrees with sun. today will be different. 45 now
for her public service in one of america's most turbulent eras. joe johns, cnn, washington. >>> in the battle against the bulge, america is losing and sugar may be partly to blame. if you are on the losing end, it may not be your fault. why researchers say you could be fighting an unfair battle. >>> these little critters love to hang around in the summer. we'll explain how to keep the annual visitors to maryland from stinking up your plans to head outdoors. >>> taking a look now at the highland school in bel air. we'll be right back. now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, internet and phone -- guaranteed for two years! it's an amazing offer that could save you hundreds of dollars. call now to lock in this guaranteed low price for two years. with 100% true fiber optics to your home, fios delivers the future and gives you more of what cable doesn't. the best channel lineup and more hd. america's top-rated internet. even facebook and twitter on your tv. enjoy a bigger, better entertainment experience. and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll pay the sa
up. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >>> pope benedict made his first public acknowledgement of the church sex abuse scandal today. he said that in response to what he called attacks from the world, the catholic church must admit its mistakes and repent its sins. the words came during a mass inside the vatican. the pope said the pain of repentance is a grace because it is a chance for a new beginning. the pope also said the church should be open to forgiveness. pope benedict has come under fire by some who accuse him of covering up past abuses by priests. >>> the uncertainty over whether russia will suspend all adoptions to the u.s. is causing anxiety for some local couples. one couple is
to go along with the new design. coming up on "good morning america", a full report on the administration program to help homeowners and risk of foreclosure. if that is your "money scope report.". i am jeremy hubbard. >> if it's 44 degrees. >> still ahead on this wednesday, a landmark ruling that put strict limits on abortion. >> if today on oprah, take a trip with nate burkus to the private island of billionaire sir richard branson. that's at 4:00 on abc 7. >> it turns out that a nurse could soon end up being your doctor, with a shortage of primary-care physicians. 28 states are considering expanding the authorities of nurse practitioners. these nurses with advanced degrees what the right to practice without the watch live a doctor and the ability to prescribe narcotics. they want to be called dr.. two landmark bills signed into law in nebraska are setting the stage for a new court battle. nebraska is banning abortions based on the notice that the fetus is able to feel pain at 20 weeks. the second measure requires doctors to extensively screen women seeking abortion
capitalism and put america back on top and also ut biz editor with economists and one of the smartest journalists around. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. straight to it. give me the directions to the road from ruin. >> the book is really about our capitalism failed. had lehman brothers went bust and the rest of the financial system went into meltdown, that was clear evidence that we couldn't carry on as before. capitalism was not supposed to involve the government coming in and bailing out all the bankers. so in the book we set out an agenda for reforming capitalism so that it can actually work better and serve the public rather than serve a small group of people on wall street and set out a number of idea, the, some in of the current reforms pushing, others are not. more fundamental. >> what of the president's reforms do you agree with and in your road map first? >> one of the ideas i like, set up a consumer protection agency. i wish it wasn't being set up with the federal reserve, but as an independent agency. >> why? >> because i think the banking industry did exploit the
, and i want to welcome all of you to this discussion about something that is as important to america's future as anything we can imagine. this fiscal solutions tour is part of a dramatic change in the debate over the deficit and the national debt. we are now talking not only about what the problems are which are increasingly clear, but beginning to devise a road map for the future and the solutions. there's nothing, i think, that would have pleased saul stern more than to see this enormous crowd together to think about not only what it is that we have as we face problems, but also the kinds of solutions that we can imagine to be able to engage not only individual citizens, but with some of country's best experts and to establish the kind of dialogue that creates that link between those of us here in the university community and the broader policy world as well. we're in a situation now unlike any that we faced not only with a deficit that's rising, but also a new health care reform bill that's passed which leaves so many questions unanswered, a new deficit reduction panel that's been
the technology in america's arsenal. >> reporter: on the front lines of war many have hailed the uav as a white knight for troops in the trenches. >> it takess the risk out -- takes the risk out, getting a damage assessment on target. >> reporter: they act as souped up remote controlled airplanes, all while pilots fly them safely from the ground. many of the drones currently patrolling the skies of iraq and afghanistan like the reburr and predator, weigh thousands of pounds, cost millions of dollars and burn fuel. now, imagine having the same tool, yet in a backpack. >> when we got the word that the small ones were coming out, we're pretty excited. now they are organic to the unit. we have control of them. we request the airspace. >> reporter: newer drones weigh about four pounds, reachal tilteds of -- reach altitudes of 15000 feet and run on batteries. >> the more ways the military can figure out to keep a soldier safe by using technology they are gonna do it and uavs are part of that. >> reporter: they cruise along at 60 miles and it looks like a
>>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it's monday, april 26th. inside the heart of the stone. our cameras follow the massive tornado from louisiana to mississippi. rescue crews still searching for survivors. we're live on the scene. >>> and financial showdown. we have an exclusive interview with the key republican senator. >>> also, the fda is expected to greenlight the first vaccine to fight cancer. >>> and you remember her, lost for four days. now this brave little girl and her family join us for the first time since her miraculous rescue. >> got to love that early morning smile. and welcome back. tell us about your adventure. >> so, i'm gone a couple days, george, you change the place. back to the future here. >> this is all new for me. right here in the middle here of times square. >> best seat in the house. there was more dangerous weather overnight. but the big story this morning, the 250-mile path of destruction cut by as massive twister in g, mississippi. ten people killed there. hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed. trees uproote
right now with "america live". megyn: thanks, guys. shocking revelations about the queen of daytime television. the woman who penned a biography about oprah says that woman and her supporters don't want you to read it. she will join us live. plus the final stop on the tea party express. tax day in the nation's capitol serving as super bowl sunday for some citizens against big government. we're live in washington. and ron paul, a darling of that tea party movement but a stunning new poll shows he may be a whole lot more popular than you think. he is our guest today. it all starts now on "america live". megyn: first up, president obama is about to face the music at kennedy space center. the president is expected to touch down in florida about 30 minutes from right now. set to announce a $6 billion increase in nasa's budget over the next five years. that is money the white house says will bring thousands of new jobs to florida's so-called space coast and expand the range of space destinations so what is the problem? his plan also essentially eliminates manned space travel among other t
love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts on this monday, april 19th. and this morning -- global standstill. millions stranded by the ash cloud blanketing the skies. as britain sends naval warships. >>> and war of words. the israel prime minister says if they nation doesn't stop the nuclear program, israel will. >>> fight for premium. stop the an american student convicted of murder overseas says there's no proof she was even at the scene of the crime. will her appeal be heard? >>> and we want to tell you why you may have to ban beer in your future super bowl party. the new 3-d tv sets come with a warning. if you drink, don't watch. >>> well, a merry monday to everyone. i hope everyone's had a terrific weekend but not those trying to catch a flight somewhere. >>> i felt lucky getting out of washington just in time. european ministers are meeting today to discuss when and how they'll reopen airspace over europe. more than 20 countries are affected, and the volcano is still affective. right now, it's s
. kosmas: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: the chair will entertain up to five requests for one-minute speeches on each side of the aisle. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from florida rise? ms. kosmas: to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. kosmas: it is my distinct honor and privilege to recognize on the floor of the united states house of representatives dr. pamela carbonier for her extensive community spirit and volunteerism. she has dedicated her life's work to helping those in need with a particular focus on women and children. she's the co-founder and member of the community outreach to prevent eating disorders, medical supervisor for victims of assault, medical supervisor for the rape crisis county and board and coalition member for healthy start. she also serves as the chair of daytona state college women's advocacy board. she practices at halifax ob-gyn associate
of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: the chair will entertain up to 10 requests for one-minute speeches on each side of the aisle. for what purpose does the gentleman from oregon rise? >> to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so approved. mr. defazio: well, all america has heard about too big to fail and they're still pretty angry about that in the bailout of wall street. now there is a new deal with lexicon thanks to goldman sachs and that is designed to fail for profit. goldman sachs worked with a hedge fund manager who put together a collateralize debt obligation that he hand picked because he thought they would fail. goldman got a fee for putting them together, goldman sold him insurance or bets against him and then goldman sold to unknowing investors those same securities as great investments. we are thankful that the securities and exchange commission is back on the beat after a long nap under the bush administration and chris
>>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it's thursday, april 15th. this morning, breaking news. all flights suspended at some of the world's busiest airports, after a volcano erupts in iceland. why the clouds of ash are grounding planes here in the u.s. >>> also this morning, russian officials announce they will suspend all adoptions by americans, after that tennessee mom sent her adopted 7-year-old back to russia, alone on a plane. >>> the next, big battle. democrats unveil their plan to reel in the big banks. but republicans say it will just lead to more bailouts. is that true? we ask a top republican, if the two sides can somehow come together. >>> the parents of that 11-year-old autistic girl speak out about their daughter's rescue from the florida swamp, as our cameras show how treacherous it was. >>> look at this. lighting up the sky and phone lines, from missouri to michigan. >>> boy. that is not your average falling star. >> we're not going to see as many planes in the sky because that volcano is bringing air traffic to a grindin
set our sights much higher than just returning to the moon. that's not america. america leads and should be leading in space. >> reporter: in addition to a $6 billion boost for nasa already announced, president obama is expected to reveal a new heavy lift rocket development program. there's the $40 billion initiative to help the florida coast transform its economy and a plan to renovate the kennedy space center. >> reporter: the white house insists they are putting an end to programs that officials say are years behind schedule and millions overbudget. t.j. winnick abc news washington. >>> we always ask what you think. we want to know about what you think about nasa's future. what do you think of president obama's goal for nasa? we posted the story this morning. already gotten comments. tonya writes in: i feel like we're going backwards, not forwards. patricia writes: remember this next election. >>> all right, your time's up. we have 15 days to go. it's april 15th. this is it, the last time to get your taxes off to uncle sam. expect long lines and local post offices. they've
across america. steve and patty pratt from georgia. >> i just want to be left alone. i want to have my money to do what i want with it. >> we are mad and they need to hear us. >> reporter: taertdiers tend to be white, married and republicans according to a new cbs "new york times" poll. 18% of americans say they are part of the movement. tax day tea party rallies were held in traditionally liberal madison, wisconsin, and dozens, organizers say hundreds of other towns. 96% of tea partiers rate the economy as bad. 84% have unfavorable opinions of the president. >> talking about barack obama. i don't think he xwars the united states. >> reporter: some have extreme views of the p. he is a maximumist at heart. >> reporter: tea partiers are pushing a new contract from america. demanding new liberties, smaller government and lower taxes. this is steve handelsman. live on the mall where the biggest event of april 15th tea party across america is beginning. there are tea partiers. you saw a sample of them across the country. coast to coast. but washington is the centerpiece and this is the main
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